Not just a name, it's our end game.

Our ambition is simple: to empower our people to disrupt the GP advisory business and build the best company in the world to work for.

Our purpose is simple too: to be the natural partner for leading alternative investment firms and help them fulfill their ambitions and strategic plans. Whether it is raising a new fund, launching a new investment strategy, maximizing the value of an existing portfolio or attracting strategic capital for a co-investment deal, we play a critical role.

Simple, however, does not mean easy. And we know that well.

By leveraging our 20 years of experience, we solve the structural inefficiencies of our industry with the help of technology. We are not replacing the human interaction from the equation. In fact, the opposite. We have more quality time to advise our clients on strategic matters and have more meaningful interactions with investors.

We are naturally attracted to those people who share our beliefs; we succeed alongside those who contribute to our purpose. We foster a culture that accepts mistakes as long as we learn from them. We thought deeply about the principles that drive our business, which ultimately became our identity:

How we do it.


Take ownership

Success comes with strong accountability, to your clients, to your partners, to your stakeholders and even to your ideas. There are no shortcuts to this, and our team knows that well.


Honest communication

We know that trust and respect can only be earned by sharing your opinions and recommendations in an open, constructive and thoughtful way. It might be difficult at times, but it pays off in the long run.


Radically different

We do not care to be different for the sake of it. We want to do things differently only when we know it will positively impact our clients and our people.


Innovative thinking

We foster a culture where ideas can only be good. No matter what. No matter if we implement them or not. We love to operate outside our comfort zone and push boundaries further ahead.


Values-driven leadership

Our leadership team is committed to build a culture of respect, high ethical standards and entrepreneurship. We aim to create a positive environment where our people can succeed and growth. Our values drive our behaviours, not the opposite.


Embrace diversity & empower people

Above all, we seek people’s ideas, contributions and different point of views. We love to look at things from a different perspective and learn from it. The most important objective we set for ourselves is to create an environment where everyone has the chance to make an impact.

Our Edge