Does the market need another GP advisory firm?
We think so.

The private market industry is characterized by an endemic problem: access to reliable information. Decision making, both at the GP and LP level, is fragmented and based on raw data, which is inefficiently stored in an off-the-shelf CRM system.

Our leadership team has experienced these inefficiencies first-hand and believes the market deserves a solution.

Data analytics to drive seamless execution.

We have created @DRIVE, a proprietary technology tool that permeates every aspect of the fundraising lifecycle with a single goal in mind: to raise capital in a smarter, more efficient way while increasing transparency to our clients.

We developed analytical tools to provide insights and drive efficiencies. By transforming an information-rich process into a data-driven framework, we have the ability to make better decisions and dedicate more brain power where it matters the most: to help our clients grow their businesses in a thoughtful and effective way.

Global but with Asian roots and heritage.

We operate on a global scale but with an unparalleled understanding, network and access to the Asian private market: the fastest growing, yet less penetrated and most access-constrained region for capital.

We have the longest track record of success in Asia and the largest presence on the ground including Mainland China. Our senior team has worked together for over a decade and built the most successful GP advisory franchise in Asia. We have raised Asian-rooted capital for high calibre European and North American GPs and helped them navigate the complexities and opportunities of the region. In addition, we worked with many Asian clients to raise their inaugural fund or to scale their business to the next level by attracting international capital.

Finally, we have proven access to an ever-expanding family office network which is a differentiated and constant source of new capital flowing into alternatives.

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