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Thrive Alternatives: Northzone Closes Oversubscribed Fundraise Exceeding €1 Billion


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LONDON, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Thrive Alternatives is proud to be the exclusive placement agent in Asia Pacific for Northzone, a leading European VC and Growth firm.

Northzone announces its largest fundraise to date: more than €1bn to invest in the next generation of changemakers. Between the global climate crisis and social, macroeconomic, and political uncertainty, Northzone believes technological innovation will continue to be the silver lining that delivers real societal growth. Now more than ever, the Firm looks to entrepreneurs who are building a mindful, innovative future; and founders have proven many times that they thrive in turbulent times.

"We are delighted by the support that we received for this fundraising and are grateful for the continued support from our investors. Thrive Alternatives is a professional placement advisor and did a fantastic job in helping us navigate the Asia Pacific region in a thoughtful and strategic way" said Amit Sanghvi, Head of Investor Relations at Northzone. "We are confident to deliver outperformance for our investors, even under the continued volatile macro environment."

"It was a real pleasure working with the Northzone team who brings superior knowledge and access to the European tech ecosystem, and have a lot of foresight and a clever portfolio construction strategy," said Gianluca D'Angelo, CEO and Co-Founder of Thrive.

"This is the first time Northzone has run a formal fundraising campaign in Asia Pacific, and the investors in the region were really impressed by the track record, history, and caliber of the team," said Jackson Chan, CEO and Co-Founder of Thrive.

"Northzone is grateful to our entrepreneurs and LPs from around the globe for doubling down on this journey with them. Reflecting on the scale of the opportunity ahead, Northzone will continue to be long-term partners to founders, focusing on opportunities across Europe and the US, from Seed through to IPO. The Firm will continue to invest in existing verticals such as fintech, healthtech, SaaS, and consumer. Many of the entrepreneurs Northzone has yet to meet will build their own business category through this fund cycle", added Northzone when asked about the fundraise.

About Northzone

Northzone Ventures ("Northzone") is a leading European tech VC and Growth manager with a focus on Europe and US. Founded in 1996, Northzone recently fundraised €1bn to invest from Seed to Growth, and is led by seven experienced investment Partners with a strong meritocratic culture and fund management discipline. The firm has a 27-year track record of backing Europe's top digital talent.

About Thrive Alternatives

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