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[ Thrive Live Expert Opinion Series ] European Buyouts Where Do We Go Now?


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In our latest expert opinion series, Thomas Yu spoke with Triton Partners about how to find value in a turbulent European Buyouts market.

Martin Huth discussed some of the current risks, such as increasing inflation and supply chain disruptions, and how these risks can be managed. Going forward, more security-driven macro regimes may evolve, and businesses will have to adapt. Whilst general deal activity has remained consistent with prior years, deal value has increased significantly. Steady multiple expansion has been experienced in most sectors, with some much more than others. Business services, consumer and industrial are some of the sectors where multiple expansion has been modest, therefore presenting potential opportunities.

Nadia Meier Kirner highlighted that in order to be successful and make well informed investment decisions, deals should generally be sourced, developed and due diligence’d way ahead of the disposal processes.

Nadia also shared how Triton Partners stays focused and specialises in specific sectors and locations, which enables the team to move quickly on investment opportunities and convert crisis situations into opportunities.

Throughout the years, Triton has consistently acquired fundamentally solid businesses with areas for improvement which has allowed their experienced team to take these businesses to the next level.

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