Gregory Orton

Gregory Orton

Senior Software Engineer

Gregory's focus is on architecting, developing, and delivering high-quality digital products and information systems.

He's motivated by a desire to create software that will delight people with incredible user exeperiences.

As Senior Software Engineer he works with the business stakeholders and product & engineering teams to create tech solutions that will best deliver on their goals and enable Thrive to continue to, well, thrive!

Prior to Thrive, Gregory has a spent a decade developing software and services in fields such as retail, lifestyle and leisure, wellness, education, quality assurance, and telecoms. He has worked on a diverse set of tech solutions from SaaS platforms, online skills marketplaces, ERPs, logistics, and ecommerce, mobile apps with wearables integrations, and back-office finance & contract management. For Gregory, Thrive represents an opportunity to complete the set of industry verticals & solutions to round out his broad experience.

Gregory is a polyglot, at home working with Javascript, C/C++, Ruby, Python, Java, or PHP, on the front-end or back-end, and anywhere in between. He specialises in front-end design and development and particularly enjoys flexing his creative side with creative animations and satisfying micro interactions. He's also a capable devops engineer and archtitect, fluent in cloud-native technologies.

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