Scott Streicher

Scott Streicher

Advisor, Design & Creative

Scott has more than two decades of unmatched experience in branding, design, CX and innovation. He brings a wealth of strategic guidance to Thrive Alternatives’ leadership and its global clients ensuring the brand, its subsidiaries, and platform products resonate powerfully and seamlessly.  

Based in New York, Scott has held pivotal roles at global branding firms such as Interbrand, where he was instrumental in advising and leading initiatives for some of the world's most renowned clients and brands, including AT&T, Blackstone, PepsiCo., Diageo, among others. He has worked closely with a broad selection of Fortune 500 companies, cultural institutions, private equity firms, and entrepreneurs to help overcome business challenges and unlock their full potential.

Scott is driven by a passion for designing transformative businesses and has a curiosity for how products and services can be more human, meaningful, and impactful.  Throughout his career, Scott has led with a holistic, systematic, and people-centered approach, leveraging brand and design to help elevate experiences and grow lifetime value for clients.

Beyond his professional contributions, Scott is an encouraging husband, devoted father, aspiring chef, and an avid skier.

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